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Carl G. Freeling

The History of Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative, Inc.


Access to telephones was nearly non-existent for farmers, ranchers, and businesses in rural areas of Wilbarger County, Texas. Telephone companies in the surrounding areas were not interested in building miles of telephone lines to connect rural customers.


Led by Harrold, Texas farmer and businessman, Carl G. Freeling, community leaders from Wilbarger County began meeting to discuss a telephone loan program sponsored by the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), now known as the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), a branch of the USDA. These men volunteered their time to plan, survey, and gather information to organize, establish and thus charter Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative, Inc. in August of 1951. Ultimately, these dedicated men laid the foundation for Wilbarger County and surrounding areas to receive telephone service.


The Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative made their first profit.


Santa Rosa purchased the Crowell, TX exchange from GTE which grew Santa Rosa to a total of 14 exchanges across Texas and Oklahoma.


Santa Rosa entered the competitive marketplace and began building fiber optic lines, plant, and equipment to its first local competitive exchange – Seymour, Texas.


Santa Rosa began installing fiber to the premise for customers to receive telephone, IPTV, and high-speed internet up to 10 Gig with plenty of additional bandwidth for future applications.


Santa Rosa began to offer IPTV in exchanges services by fiber optic lines.


The Santa Rosa team entered the beginning stages of building fiber-to-the-home technology to enable Santa Rosa customers to access services including ultra-fast internet speeds to homes up to one Gig – the equivalent of 1,000 Mbps.


In 2019, the Santa Rosa Family of Companies grew. In November, Santa Rosa acquired a wireless internet company in Wichita Falls – Pinnacle Network Solutions. Later that year, Santa Rosa Communications acquired PCnet – a managed service provider based in Wichita Falls.


Today, Santa Rosa Communications continues to strive to provide SRC customers quality products and services coupled with superior customer services. Santa Rosa Communications is dedicated to actively responding to the everchanging communications world.

We will continue to support the communities we serve by providing the latest cutting-edge technology to rural Texoma.

Our customers have been and will continue to be Santa Rosa’s top priority. We are true local people who live in the areas we serve and consider ourselves more than your communications provider – we are your neighbors, family, and friends.