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Santa Rosa Communications and Pinnacle Network Solutions Partner for Enhancement and Growth of Rural Broadband Services

Vernon, Texas

November 15, 2019

The partnership between Santa Rosa and Pinnacle will allow these companies to combine their strengths and build a superior wireless internet product by using the Santa Rosa Fiber Network, in conjunction with the Wireless Network of Pinnacle.  This agreement allows these companies to focus on their strengths and provide customers with a wireless internet experience of up to 100MB download.

There are many projects planned, but first and foremost are network enhancements to areas such as Holliday and Electra.  Fiber optic is being installed to these tower locations so that additional speed options can be made available as well as even greater reliability.  Pinnacle is also expanding its network to offer up to 100MB services in Megargel and Seymour.  These enhancements and expansion of the Pinnacle Network are expected to be completed by the end of 2019, with even more to follow in the coming year.

“Merging with Santa Rosa just made sense.  It allows us to deploy our services quicker and makes the backbone of our network faster and even more reliable with fiber connectivity to most of our towers.”  says Glenn Tarter of Pinnacle Networks

 “Santa Rosa’s acquisition of Pinnacle Wireless is a great partnership that will allow Pinnacle to provide a fast, robust fixed wireless product in areas that cannot receive reliable high-speed internet.  We are truly excited that this partnership will benefit both companies and customers in remote areas of North Texas.” Kirk Petty, CEO of Santa Rosa


About Santa Rosa Communications

We began Santa Rosa as a Telephone Cooperative in 1951.  Our Corporate office is in Vernon Texas with satellite offices in Seymour, Haskell, Childress and Wichita Falls.  Santa Rosa provides telephone, internet and video services to 26 exchanges in North Texas as well as Southern Oklahoma.  Santa Rosa also offers a suite of business products and services such as long-haul fiber, telephones systems both virtual and on premise, as well as computer networking and managed Wi-Fi solutions.

About Pinnacle Networks

Founded in 2010 by Glenn Tarter and Tim McMath to provide wireless internet services to underserved areas in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  Both Tim and Glenn discovered the need for such a company during their time with Clearwire.  Glenn was head of Sales and Marketing for the Abilene and Wichita Falls market while Tim was managing network operations in Dallas.  Glenn and Tim wasted no time once they decided to partner and constructed a wireless network for Petrolia, Texas and Lakeside City to deliver internet service.  Now with over 34 tower locations and excess of 4,000 subscribers they have no plans on slowing down.


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