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SRTC Services


Residential Television

SRTV – Service is comprised of at least one set of local channels*, transport and guide, plus any additional channels selected (such as Ultra, Premium Channels, etc.).  A set top box is required for each TV receiving SRTV.  High Definition channels are included at no additional cost where and when available. Whole Home Cloud DVR service is available to all subscribers, pricing is based on package choice.

Wichita Falls Local Channels $18.49 per month
Transport and Guide $5.00 per month

Ultra Channels     $58.00
Added to set of local channels. HD Channels where available.

Click here for channel lineups!

Over 100 channels available including popular cable channels like ESPN, CNN, Disney, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, MTV, Sci-Fi and more. Plus, 50 music channels.  Customer must subscribe to at least one set of local channels in order to receive Ultra channels.

Premium Channels:
HBO - 7 Channels  $17.95
STARZ/STARZ ENCORE - Movie Pack  $10.95
12 Channels (Includes Encore)
STARZ - 5 Channels $6.50
STARZ ENCORE - 7 Channels  $6.50
Set-Top Box $6.00
Cloud DVR  
250 GB (approx. 50 hr of HD recording) $6.00
500 GB (approx. 100 hr of HD recording) $10.00
1000 GB (approx. 200 hr of HD recording) $15.00
2000 GB (approx. 400 hr of HD recording) $20.00

*Plus applicable fees and taxes.