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Fiber Internet

Constant Connection | Lightning Fast Internet Speeds | Greater Reliability

Some restrictions may apply. Services where available. Plus applicable fees and taxes. Additional charges & conditions may apply. Rates are subject to change. Long Distance charges are additional.

*Where available.

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Phone Plans

Residential Local 

* Some restrictions may apply. Price doesn’t include state and local taxes or fees. 

Plan Details

Calling Features
Anonymous Call Rejection $0.90
Call Block $1.80
Call Forwarding $1.60
Call Return $2.70
Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting $1.60
Calling Name & Number Delivery $5.85
Calling Name Delivery $4.45
Calling Number Delivery $4.45
Call Waiting ID $1.00
Hot Line Alert Service $1.50
Priority Call $2.25
Repeat Dialing $1.80
Rotary Service $2.70
Select Call Forwarding $1.80
Speed Calling 8 $1.60
Speed Calling 30 $2.40
Telemarketing Call Screening $3.95
Three-Way Calling $2.40
Toll Denial $1.35

With both Internet or TV and a phone line, receive Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3 Way Calling at no additional charge


Miscellaneous Services

“800/888/877/866” Service

  • Allows customers to receive long distance calls without charges to caller.
  • Rate: $0.15/min

Directory Assistance Service

  • The charge applies whether or not the Service furnishes the requested number(s).
  • Per Call Charge $1.50

Residential Long Distance 

* Does not include Alaska and Hawaii.


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