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Fiber Internet

Constant Connection | Lightning Fast Internet Speeds | Greater Reliability

Some restrictions may apply. Services where available. Plus applicable fees and taxes. Additional charges & conditions may apply. Rates are subject to change. Long Distance charges are additional.

*Where available.

Tech Home

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Phone Plans

Residential Local 

* Some restrictions may apply. Price doesn’t include state and local taxes or fees. 

Plan Details

Calling Features
Anonymous Call Rejection $0.90
Call Block $1.80
Call Forwarding $1.60
Call Return $2.70
Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting $1.60
Calling Name & Number Delivery $5.85
Calling Name Delivery $4.45
Calling Number Delivery $4.45
Call Waiting ID $1.00
Hot Line Alert Service $1.50
Priority Call $2.25
Repeat Dialing $1.80
Rotary Service $2.70
Select Call Forwarding $1.80
Speed Calling 8 $1.60
Speed Calling 30 $2.40
Telemarketing Call Screening $3.95
Three-Way Calling $2.40
Toll Denial $1.35

With both Internet or TV and a phone line, receive Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3 Way Calling at no additional charge


Miscellaneous Services

“800/888/877/866” Service

  • Allows customers to receive long distance calls without charges to caller.
  • Rate: $0.15/min

Directory Assistance Service

  • The charge applies whether or not the Service furnishes the requested number(s).
  • Per Call Charge $1.50

Residential Long Distance 

* Does not include Alaska and Hawaii.

SRTV – Residential Television

SRTV – Service is comprised of at least one set of local channels*, transport and guide, plus any additional channels selected (such as Ultra, Premium Channels, etc.). A set top box is required for each TV receiving SRTV. High Definition channels are included at no additional cost where and when available. Whole Home Cloud DVR service is available to all subscribers, pricing is based on package choice.

Channel Packages & Cloud DVR

Ultra Channels: $61.88

In addition to local channels. 

HD Channels where available.

Over 100 channels available including popular cable channels like ESPN, CNN, Disney, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, MTV, Sci-Fi and more. Plus, 50 music channels.  Customer must subscribe to at least one set of local channels in order to receive Ultra channels.
Premium Channels:
HBO – 7 Channels  $17.95
STARZ/STARZ ENCORE – Movie Pack $10.95
12 Channels (Includes Encore)
STARZ – 5 Channels $6.50
STARZ ENCORE – 7 Channels  $6.50
Cloud DVR
250 GB (approx. 50 hr of HD recording) $8.00
500 GB (approx. 100 hr of HD recording) $12.00
1000 GB (approx. 200 hr of HD recording) $17.00
2000 GB (approx. 400 hr of HD recording) $22.00



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