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Fiber Internet

Constant Connection | Lightning Fast Internet Speeds | Greater Reliability

Some restrictions may apply. Services where available. Plus applicable fees and taxes. Additional charges & conditions may apply. Rates are subject to change. Residential Rates include 1 VOiP phone line with unlimited calling features. Long Distance charges are additional.

*Where available.

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Phone Plans

Residential Local 

* Some restrictions may apply. Price doesn’t include state and local taxes or fees. 

Plan Details

Calling Features
Anonymous Call Rejection $0.90
Call Block $1.80
Call Forwarding $1.60
Call Return $2.70
Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting $1.60
Calling Name & Number Delivery $5.85
Calling Name Delivery $4.45
Calling Number Delivery $4.45
Call Waiting ID $1.00
Hot Line Alert Service $1.50
Priority Call $2.25
Repeat Dialing $1.80
Rotary Service $2.70
Select Call Forwarding $1.80
Speed Calling 8 $1.60
Speed Calling 30 $2.40
Telemarketing Call Screening $3.95
Three-Way Calling $2.40
Toll Denial $1.35


Miscellaneous Services

“800/888/877/866” Service

  • Allows customers to receive long distance calls without charges to caller.
  • Rate: $0.15/min

Directory Assistance Service

  • The charge applies whether or not the Service furnishes the requested number(s).
  • Per Call Charge $1.50

Residential Long Distance 

* Does not include Alaska and Hawaii.


Santa Rosa Communications
is so happy to be your service provider for all of your communication needs! We have been serving the residents and businesses of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma for 71 years. Our team is so excited to have you on board!

This Welcome Kit is designed to help make the transition to SRC services. Inside our Welcome Kit, you will find important resources to optimize your experience with us.

Enclosed you will discover:
- Troubleshooting Tips
- FAQ's & Answers
- How to Access Your Online Account
- E-Billing Account Set Up
- How to Read Your First Bill

We are confident you will enjoy all of your SRC services! Again, thank you so much for choosing Santa Rosa Communications!

The Santa Rosa Team
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To reach out to our technical support team, please call (888) 844-0540 or visit our Technical Support page.